How to Capture Job Candidates’ Attention

By Luke Doubler In another blog, we told you why Instagram is the perfect platform to search for job candidates and how to utilize its features and what types of posts to create on your account. Now, we’re going to discuss how to attract potential job seekers and build your community on this highly engaging social network. This post would … Read More

Didn’t think Instagram was a recruiting tool? Think again!

By Luke Doubler Even though LinkedIn is most likely the first social media platform that pops into a recruiter’s mind, it’s not the only valuable resource to find potential candidates. If you haven’t thought about using Instagram as a recruiting tool yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Check out these amazing stats about Instagram: 1 billion … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

by Madelon Deming What does a recruiter do all day? What is the workload like? What kind of skills do they need? Whether you’re a company who hires recruiters to find people to work in your business and you’re curious what a recruiter does for you, or you’re a job seeker wondering what your recruiter does behind the scenes, or … Read More

How to Build Strong Relationships with Candidates (Even If They Don’t Get Hired)

by Madelon Deming In another blog post, we told you why it’s important to build strong relationships with candidates, now we’re going to show you HOW to build these strong relationships. As you work with job seekers and learn more about them, you’re also building trust and cultivating a relationship. This allows you to better understand their needs so you … Read More