Email Outreach Strategy for Software Engineers

Hello from Recruiter Central! Ah, the outreach. The most basic part of what we do while sourcing for candidates. We want to share our ‘secret sauce’ with you by breaking down our outreach strategy. Email Outreach Strategy For Tech Talent We’ve found that tech candidate, in general,l prefer an email over a call. In 2017 the tech market is very competitive … Read More

The Best Desktop Apps for Recruiters and Sourcers

One of my first mentors told me, “A recruiter’s most valuable resource is time.” I guess it’s a fairly obvious statement. However, I’ve seen such a wide disparity of real efficiency. Here, I’ll outline some of the best desktop apps for recruiters and sourcers that I have found to be incredibly helpful for managing my time. I’ve found that these … Read More

How to Create A Sourcing Strategy for Events

Sourcing Strategy for Recuiters and Hiring Managers As recruiters and hiring managers, we all have stories of successful and not so successful career events. Consistently hiring top talent at career events doesn’t have to be a fluke if you have a well-defined sourcing strategy in place. I’m going to highlight some of my best practices for creating a sourcing strategy … Read More

Take Control of LinkedIn XRay Search With Google Verbatim Search

A great way to find more qualified LinkedIn profiles is to use x-ray (also known as site search or site:search). If you are going to use an x-ray search, changing your Google search from “All results” to “Verbatim” allows you to leverage Boolean Search Operations without any of Google’s personalized algorithm which results in you having greater control of your search … Read More