Why RecruiterCentral is a New Type of Recruitment Firm

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During my 15 year career, I’ve recruited for great companies like Target, Cargill and as an agency recruiter. I’ve met thousands of people, recruiters, and candidates through networking, conferences or other professional events. I’ve attended endless hours of training and presentations hoping to get that tip or meet a person who I could learn something from and grow as a person and a professional. I’m thankful to have encountered many great leaders, teachers, mentors and other individuals that aided my goal to create a new type of recruitment firm.

The people I truly admire are responsible, courageous and prepared. These same people are especially committed to continuous learning and sharing what they know to build others up and to provide value to their peers. The people that I admire have helped me and others in some way.

So how can my new recruitment firm help you?
I’m a recruiter. I’m very good at finding and assessing highly skilled professionals and helping businesses achieve their goals through the people I recruit. I’m also a teacher. A former high school teacher turned recruiter. I want to help your business by showing you how to recruit the best talent.


Why are we different?
At RecruiterCentral, my team and I are passionate about adding value in a timely, innovative, and efficient way. We’re unafraid of sharing our recruiting secrets. Our goal is to be your guide, to learn, share and elevate your business. We produce easy to follow recruitment videos and blog posts. Our recruitment firm also offers onsite recruitment training that will elevate your team’s talent sourcing acumen. We keep things simple and share critical sourcing tools and tactics you and your business need to succeed.

There are thousands of nameless recruiting agencies out there. But what’s their value proposition? Pay a huge fee and get a hire, maybe a good hire.
Frankly, that’s an uninspiring value proposition. It’s more about the sale.
I want to change that. I want to lead a great recruiting firm that continuously provides value to my peers and this is how I’m going to do it:
-Take time every day to learn something new about recruiting and pass it onto you
-Produce relevant content by constantly reviewing and refreshing
-Make content that respects your time, no additional fluff. Just good stuff that will help you
-Constantly solicit feedback and listen to your biggest recruiting and business challenges

My hope is that our material will be of value to you and that you’ll want to partner with our team to either fill contract or permanent placement of technical professionals, or partner with us to train your recruiting team.

Until then, all the best in your journey!

-Luke Doubler, founder of RecruiterCentral