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What is a One-Day Sourcing Sprint?

Inspired by agile development sprint cycles, this 4-hour onsite course is designed to solve real time, business critical sourcing and recruiting challenges

Guaranteed to raise your team's talent sourcing acumen!

What Does a Sprint Include?

Status and Goal Discovery

30-minute DISCOVERY to assess current status and desired future state and goals of the Sourcing Sprint

Custom curriculum DESIGN

Based on your company, we cover what you need to be most successful


4-hour onsite, fully hands on interactive TRAINING solving real time sourcing and recruiting challenges


Post sprint TEST which assesses the Sourcing Sprint, solicits feedback and planning for future state

Topics Covered in Past Sprints:

  • How to be a strategic sourcing consultant
  • Tools for finding the best technical talent
  • Leveraging competitive intelligence
  • Training hiring managers to be recruiters
  • How to be a brand ambassador and raise awareness through social channels
  • Basic boolean search and how to source various social media channels
  • Finding candidates without Linkedin
  • How to develop a technical sourcing strategy
  • The art of the solicitation, rules for getting maximum response rates
  • Candidate pipelines and how to recruit for a reoccurring job openings
  • The art of the negotiation, effective phone interview strategies and how to close a candidate on the first call
  • Name generation, discovering undiscovered talent resources

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